How to Run for fat loss. . .

Good day, everyone!

Yesterday was day one of my half marathon training plan. I am using the same plan that I used for my first half, because I loved it so much!

My new training program
My training program

And as I have stated, I need to lose fat. A lot of fat. Like 25 pounds. I think it is doable in 3 months, don’t you?

So here is how I plan to utilize my running plan for the maximum amount of fat loss (with the least amount of muscle loss):

1) Supplements! As a GNC worker, I have access to the ins and outs of fat loss supplements. So I utilize that! Before every run, I take a fat burner (Super HD by Cellucor) to maximize the amount of calories burned. I also take L-Carnitine, which helps to convert fat stores to usable energy.


2) Carbohydrate timing. . . Timing carbohydrates throughout the day helps to control insulin secretion. Keeping the carbs to specific types will help as well. The lower the glycemic index, the better. The higher the glycemic index a carb has, the more insulin that food will cause the body to secrete. The more insulin secreted, the more likely the body is to create and store triglycerides inside the fat cells. Slow digesting carbs such as oatmeal, sweet potato, and whole grains are going to have less of an effect on the body than sugar will. As far s timing the carbohydrates goes, keeping them to post workout is going to be the most effective. The next most effective timing is at breakfast and post workout for refilling the glycogen stores.


3) Intervals Intervals Intervals! These help to constantly surprise the body and are proven to maximize fat loss during and after exercise. Plus, I sometimes get bored on a treadmill and an interval workout keeps things exciting… well as exciting as running (not in a race) can be.

Interval running

4) DIET!!!!!!!! Diet is the x factor in all weight loss fat loss. Without a good diet (one low in refined sugar and carbs and high in veggies, meat, and slow-digesting carbs) fat loss is almost impossible. I can almost guarantee you that just cutting sugar and refined carbs our of your diet is going to make you drop the first 10 almost immediately (some water-weight and some fat-weight). After that, make sure to dial into what you are fueling your body with and you will be just fine!

P.S. I have personally found that not eating after a certain time, like 6 p.m. helps to speed fat loss.

5) Rest. When running to lose weight, we often forget how important it is for our bodies to rest and recuperate. Resting time should be used as a time for stretching and yoga to keep the muscles limber.

Well those are my tips for you all! Have a wonderful Friday!

Starting Over Sucks… Kind Of.

After day of thinking, contemplating, praying, and meditating I have come to the conclusion that it really sucks to start over. I was running a half marathon! I was physically fit! I was at a healthy weight! I could max out all of my military testing! Not anymore. It sucks. I wish I could be where I was four months ago. This time I need to get it right. To do what I love, and to be the person I want to be.

Here are some things I did wrong the first time around:

1) I was egotistical. I did not give nearly enough glory to God. I often patted myself on the back because of how far I have come. Iran a half marathon! I thought to myself. You did it! I rarely took into account the fact that God gave me these legs. He allowed me to be healthy enough to run 13.1 miles. He blessed me so much throughout my entire journey, and I did not glorify Him.

self righteous poo

The fix: Give Him praise as I run. Prayer and meditation while running is a great way to get a nice one-on-one time with God going. Thanking Him before and after the run is a MUST! He is so glorious that He created every single path I run on. Constant prayer whilst doing the things one loves is a great way to connect with God and appreciate Him all the more.

2) I did not love and appreciate my body. Sure, on occasion I would be grateful for the fact that I had run 11 miles with these awesome legs or it helped me to make a huge feat, but did I love it no matter what? On my fat days and my skinny days? On the days I was in pain or the days I was perfectly fine? No! I just thought “I could be skinnier.” or “I wish I looked like her.” I don’t remember the last time I looked at my body and thought “Wow. God really did a great job in creating me!” or “You know what, my body rocks.” despite what it looks like or how I feel that day. I needed to learn to be grateful in every situation God puts me in.

The fix: This may be dorky to some of you, but it helps me more than one could ever understand. . . I look in the mirror and give myself a pep-talk. I have done this on days where I have not been giving God the glory He deserves and I have done this to let myself know that God really doesn’t care what I look like. God is the only way to eternal life and happiness. With God I can be grateful in every situation. I don’t have to be self-consciese about the way I look, because God made me.


3) I did not listen to my body’s signals. When I got hurt, I would run. When I was overly tired, I would run. When I was dehydrated, I would run. I did not take into account the feelings associated with running. There was a regimen, and I would not sway from it. Now I realize how wrong that is to do to my body. That is why I hurt my joints. There is so much more to running than just running.

The Fix: More yoga. Stretching more prevents the injury. Moderate amounts of strength training. I would rarely train for strength while I was running, because I thought it would take too much time. A quick circuit always does the job if I have to lift in a “pinch of time”. It is always wise to make sure your secondary muscles get used in order to function strongly enough to keep running further and further.

superman yoga

4) I rarely took a break! I ran, I waitressed, and I would never stop going! I needed to get the most out of my day by being active whenever I was awake. Doing this would hurt me mentally, physically, and emotionally in the long-run (get it?!). After a while, I would start to break down little by little until I fell apart, totally.

The Fix: More movies. More reading. More sitting on my butt. Easy fix, right?! I think so.

So all-in-all, I think the fixing this time will be a bit easier, now that I have a normally functioning body, I would like to keep it that way.

Have a great day, guys!

Let’s catch up. (A sad story…)

Okay, here we go.

okay here we go

I have been avoiding this blog post for a long time. I have been avoiding a blog post at all for a long time. But I am going to tell you a bit about my time away from this blog. This is going to be a difficult post for me due to the fact that I don’t like talking about my time away, anyway. It has been a time of darkness and of sorrow. . . so enough of the prelude; here is my story:

I originally swayed from this blog to focus more on schooling, which was a great choice! I continued straight A’s throughout the last semester of my high school career while taking the most difficult classes I could possibly take (not. easy.). But in recovering from amenorrhea again, I gained a bit more weight than I would have liked (going from 130 to 140 lbs) still in a great weight range! Nothing to be ashamed about, right? Well, I didn’t see it that way. I thought I was overweight. Not so. At all. In gaining weight, I turned to a “quick fix” to reverse the weight I had put on. For some reason, I couldn’t succeed. I just could NOT diet! I tried IIFYM, keto, paleo, calorie counting, everything. I got so frustrated that I could not lose weight that I started binge-eating. This went on for 2-3 months until I could not take it anymore. I went from 140 to (wait for it. . . ) 163. That was my all-time highest weight. I looked at the scale and went numb. I could not believe what I was seeing. After the initial numbing wore off, I cried. I cried a lot. Then I cried some more. And more. I was broken.

binge eating fail

Ok, Hannah. Calm down. It is not the end of the world. You have made a lot of muscle gains in this time, hit a few PRs (Deadlift is at 275 lbs!) and learned a great life lesson. I dieted the crap out of myself. I put myself in a situation where all I can do is fail. My body needed food, so binge eating became a habitual motion. Every night. Until I broke.

After a long talk (or five) with Alex and my mom, we decided what would work best for me (seeing as they know me better than anyone). I had to go back to basics and start over. During the time of binge eating, I stopped running (not a great idea). So that had to start again (seeing as I LOVE it, and Alex’s knee is healed enough to be able run with me!). Meal prep. That stopped, too, during the “time of darkness”. Eating a mostly clean diet is the only way my body ever feels good.

So lets go over the changes…

1) More running (maybe another half marathon?!)

2) Meal planning and prep.

3) Mostly clean eating.

4) No more binge eating.

5) Making more time for studying the bible in the mornings and evenings.

One last thing I want to touch on for this post is the fact that I went through a situational “depression”. I was constantly upset with how my body looked and how I felt about myself. This happened because I paid less and less attention to my relationship with God. I neglected His love for me more and more until I left Him on the back burner. As soon as I brought Him up front and in the center of my life again, He took the weight right off of my shoulders and ensured me that He is always there for me, no matter what happens! So as a VERY IMPORTANT side note, keeping God in the center of it all is the most important thing; without Him, everything will fall apart in the span of a few seconds.

God is great!

All in all, I am glad to be blogging again, and doing what I love. Until next post!

Would you rather: Eat the same food for the rest of your life or wear the same outfit for the rest of your life (yes, you can wash it, but you have to continue wearing it after the wash. No changing!!!)

I finally bought a book! + HA update

I did it. I finally bought a book. I have had my eyes on it for such a long time, but have never gotten to actually reading it. I tried getting it from the library, but it was out, plus had 3 holds. No thank you. I have no patience. It is something to work on.


Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole, MS, RD

intuitiveSo far, I love the book! I am only on chapter 3, so I have not read too much into it, but I know that so far the information in this book can benefit anyone who has dieted, hates dieting, fails at dieting, or cannot diet any longer. I am in love.

I have been “dieting” since 8th grade, when I noticed that a change needed to be made to my eating habits, and pounds needed to be lost. This eventually led to eating disorders and hypothalamic amenorrhea. Both of which have effected my life in extreme ways.

I have learned that I am a “Professional Dieter”, which means that I have tried everything out there to take those last pounds off. None of which have worked. I now know everything that there is to dieting, and what each and every diet involves. I know calories, carbs, proteins, and fats like the back of my hand. I still, to this day, keep mental note of how much (in calories) I have eaten in my head, so that I don’t overeat. Nice. I need to stop.

I have also skimmed over the principals of intuitive eating, in order to get ready for the meaty part of the book.

I am in love with this book and the factual information that it provides for the reader, a recovering dieter!

As I read further into the book, I will keep you updated on what I learn.

For now, though, I will tell you a bit about how recovery has been going for me.

I am up 9 pounds, to start off with. I think, though, that I will just stop weighing myself. I find that I am unhappier when I weigh in. It reminds me of how much it is going to suck when training recommences. I have a better body-image, and a higher level of self-love than I did when I first started recovery. YAY!

I have been seeing clearer skin, which means that my estrogen levels have increased! Here is an article on how to tell where your hormones are at by pimple location. Now I am waiting for the pimples to appear again, which means that I have either ovulated, or I already ovulated, and my period is on its way!

My mood has been increased, sevenfold. No more odd mood swings that come on the instant I am hunger. I honor my hunger as soon as it comes on. I am not a perfect intuitive eater, but I am getting better at it. Right now I am just trying to get enough food in my system for my body to understand that I am “safe” again. I have been stuffing myself with almond butter and quest bars. I have been trying to give my body what it craves when it craves it. Plus some for weight gain. . . :))

I don't lose

I have also been trying to relax a lot. I gave been lifting weights on a regular basis, but I have not been running. At all. Which sucks, because I have a 1.5 mile test run for the Marines on Wednesday. I want to go and run 6 miles, no problem, and come home and eat like no tomorrow, because it is NOURISHMENT for my body! I love being hungry everywhere! I love being hungry in my belly after a run. I love being hungry in my whole body, in my legs, in my arms, elbows, toes, knees. I love the feeling of giving my body what it NEEDS after an intense run with the Marines! I miss it. So much.

Now I do yoga. Light lifting workouts. A little bit of HIIT with my coworker. Not a lot.

working out

Lastly, but not leastly, I have been praying, and developing a deeper relationship with Jesus. Life is good.

like as a christian

You all have a wonderful day!

I binged. Then lost 2 pounds.

Last night was chaotic at work (I waitress) to say the least, but I knew it would be that way. I prepared by carbing up with my god-daughter’s birthday cake from her 1st birthday party (way to cut down on sugar, right?).

Strategy. Saving some for later. I have a smart one on my hands, no?
They call this a carb-crash, soon to be followed by her second wind.
They call this a carb-crash, soon to be followed by her second wind.

Then went to my favorite coffeehouse for an espresso. (I am trying to cut down on caffeine as well, but in my defense I needed it.)

I have been in love with this place for the longest time. I cannot get enough of the Coffee!

So far so good. I went to work, ate a bit of food there. Still a normal day. Yada yada yada. Then I got home. I was suddenly overcome with the overwhelming urge to eat peanut butter. A craving they call it.


So I ate Rice Chex with protein powder and peanut butter mashed in. It sounds gross and looks gross. But it. Is. Amazing. Then I had another bowl. And another bowl. Then I had a PBJ Quest bar, microwaved 20 sec, and topped with more peanut butter. “Win” as they call it.


I went to bed content, though! I knew I was crazy active that day, and I needed calories. (I should add that earlier that day I did a personal training session with my co-worker, and I did the movements along with her.) I knew I would need anywhere from 3000-4000 calories to keep up with my day and prevent a calorie deficit. Peanut butter did the trick, if I do say so myself!

I probably ate anywhere from 3-4 tablespoons of PB, a cup of Chex, 1.5 scoops of MyoFusion Protein powder, and a half of a cup of almond milk. Plus the quest bar.

Now about the weight loss part. I decided to see what I weigh today, right when I woke up. The scale (which was last at 136.9) was at 133.2. WHAT?!

That means that from the start of my HA recovery, I have only gained 3.2 pounds. AFTER a binge. NICE!

You all have a grand day! I am off to work AGAIN! Then I shall see where life takes me from there!

Have a blessed day!


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